CBA Alumínio


Aluminium takes us further, from business partnerships to solutions for people’s daily lives.

The best thing about aluminium is not just aluminium.

It is in our partnerships and in our long-term commitments to our customers and staff, and to the communities in which we operate.

It is in the comfort and safety of your home.

High performance, sustainability and beauty in windows, doors, facades, tiles, molds, scaffolding and countless artifacts and construction tools. Aluminium is all around you, in the buildings, streets and construction work in your city.

It is in the freedom to come and go.

From bicycles to aircraft, lightness and strength provide savings in everyday mobility.
You find the world of aluminium in cars, buses, trucks, railroad cars, tanks, boats, motorbikes and bicycles.

It is in the explosion of flavors.

Aluminium is part of your daily life – practical, tough and safe for food and cooking utensils. In packaging, it protects from light, air and damp, ensuring that food, pharmaceutical, hygiene and beauty products are preserved and safe from contamination.

It is in respect for nature.

CBA operates sustainably in reusing and saving natural resources and raw materials, and we have significantly reduced the consumption of electricity for producing aluminium. And we do more. Through technology and innovation, we produce aluminium for photovoltaic panels and solar heaters to generate clean, renewable energy.

It is in the joy of living.

The benefits of aluminium are in everything you see. A durable, versatile and lightweight component of your cell phone, computer, household appliances, cooling units, blinds, light fittings, bikes, furniture... aluminium is part of your daily life!

It is in the people who work to bring it to you.

Bauxite, alumina, ingots, rebars, spools. Our raw materials are the people who transform the world of aluminium into a world of comfort and facilities for your daily needs.