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ASI Certification - Sustainable Aluminum

Our sustainability strategy leads us further

Sustainability is the departure point leading and forging our actions and projects. Now, we have earned assurance to our commitment to responsible actions: the ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) international certification!

We are the only Brazilian company to provide certified sustainable aluminum, from our mining facilities to our fully integrated industrial plant, our corporate office and the whole of our product categories.

We go beyond aluminum. We are committed to sustainability, to you and the society at large.

The ASI (Aluminum Stewardship Initiative) international certification attests to the highest global standards we apply for enhancing our management, processes and products.
Such acknowledgement comes from our commitment to excellence across all our production stages, from mining and cast product manufacturing to extrusion and rolling of processed products, not to mention our head office.

Achieving this certification places CBA in a more competitive standing with regard to sustainability in the aluminum markets in Latin America and worldwide. It is an acknowledgement that yields value for those customers who share equal socio-environmental commitment and governance.

The ASI certification program excels conventional quality assurance such as the ISO standard as it is specific to the global aluminum chain. It looks over aluminum production following two standards:

  • The Performance Standard

    That sets out environmental, social and governance principles and criteria, aiming at addressing sustainability issues in the aluminum value chain;

  • The Chain of Custody Standard

    That is complementary to the Performance standard and sets out the requirements for tracking the production of green aluminum throughout its chain, including the traceability of the entire production process.

#OurCBA, gets certified for each facility, for all categories of products

We are the first aluminum producer in the Americas to earn certification simultaneously for three bauxite facilities and a fully integrated industrial plant (from alumina to final products), embracing all our product categories - billets, ingots, sheet, rolled products and extruded, anodized and painted profiles, plus our head office (São Paulo).

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ASI certification upholds our Sustainability's Strategy

Why ASI?

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Why ASI?


x |Environment

The environment has been a long-debating theme in recent years, but at #ourCBA it is our everyday life’s matter and commitment.
The ASI certification embodies our environmental commitments set out in our business strategy as it reinforces our efforts to advance our management, processes and products towards the highest worldwide standards. Such acknowledgement now serves to uphold our steps in minimizing environmental impacts from mining to sustainable aluminum manufacturing, as well as our ongoing investments in technological innovation.
Amongst the differentials that sustain our brand competitiveness in the market is our greenhouse gas emissions, which, per ASI, have proven to be below the world average for aluminum production.
x |Society

Aluminum's high strength, flexibility, low weight and endless recyclability do make it a more sustainable alternative for many applications, such as transportation, civil construction and product packaging, whether they are food, hygiene, beauty, pharmaceutical or beverage packaging.
The ASI certification ranks us as a leading Brazilian company in the aluminum market and endorses our efforts to broaden this industry's stake at building a socially and environmentally responsible society.
x |CBA Clients

We steadily invest in technological innovation to deplete the impacts of our processes on the environment.
Earning the ASI certification stands for a notable accomplishment for our whole chain. It adds to the sustainability targets of our product manufacturers who use our aluminum.
Besides, manufacturers using the #aluminioverdeCBA can secure to their direct customers that the origin of their raw materials wholly aligns with the principles of sustainable production.
x |Final consumer

Conscious consumption is trendy amongst today’s generation. Consumers look more closely at the social, economic and environmental impacts of the products and services they use. Because of that, everyday more they seek to minimize the negative impacts of what they buy.
From car parts to aluminum packaging, the ASI certification ensures that the product that is delivered to the consumer using #alumínioverdeCBA is manufactured under global best practices and processes.