CBA Alumínio

Primary Products

Our challenge is to open up a world of possibilities for people.

We produce aluminium for countless applications, in different forms.
Raw, refined or molded ore – our constant investment in improved processes and cutting-edge technology ensures the quality of CBA’s primary products.

Being close to our partners means that we understand their needs.


Bauxite is the raw material for aluminium. Brazil’s reserves of bauxite are among the largest in the world.

CBA is self-sufficient in bauxite. Our top-quality mineral resources ensure the future of our operations and a supply of aluminium at a competitive cost.

Our bauxite mining units are in the state of Minas Gerais, in the cities of Poços de Caldas, Miraí and Itamarati de Minas; and in Barro Alto, in the state of Goiás.

Alumina and

Also known as aluminium oxide, alumina is the starting point for obtaining primary aluminium.

We know that only top quality alumina can offer maximum performance for our partners in making glass, refractory products, fireproof concrete and special ceramics, which are extremely valuable products for the consumer market.

We have a full structure of procedures and inspections to guarantee the extreme purity of the material. CBA Alumina is the most important ingredient in the final product because of its durability and long life. 

Ingots, Billets and Rebars


We produce ingots for remelting, to be used as raw material for the casting, lamination and deoxidation industries.

CBA ingots are obtained from solidifying aluminium in permanent molds, known as shells, under controlled refrigeration.

The main products are:

• P1020 with 99.7% aluminium (0.1% of silicon and 0.2% of iron, as a maximum).
• P1010 with 99.8% aluminium (0.1% of silicon and 0.1% of iron, as a maximum).
• Aluminium-silicon alloys for manufacturing wheels. 


Billets made by CBA have a better surface finish and a finer, more uniform internal structure than conventional ones. We use the Wagstaff AirSlip® air-casting technique, with degassing, filtering and grain refining treatments.

Normally supplied in series 6XXX alloys. Ask for a proposal for other alloys.

Available alloy groups:
• 1XXX 
• 3XXX 
• 6XXX 
• 7XXX 


CBA Rebars are used to make cables and wires. We make rebars using the Properzi process of centrifugal casting, which gives an approximately circular cross section.

In the production process, liquid aluminium is transformed into bars, compressed in the lamination process and then coiled using the standard OTT - Jumbo Coil system.

The main alloys supplied are:  
• AA1350 
• AA1370 
• AA1120
• AA8176