CBA Alumínio

The best of aluminium goes beyond aluminium

Look at the world around you.

Do you see windows, lights, your cell phone? Cars and buses in the street, planes, buildings? Your computer, the air conditioner?

At home, at work, everywhere we look, many of the things that make our lives easier have something in common:


Aluminium inspires us in our transformation.
We adapt to the new times and reinvent the way we are.

Do you know the advantages of using aluminium?

Would you like to know how aluminium is made?

It all starts when bauxite, the raw material of aluminium, is mined. The transformation process follows, and this produces aluminium that can be used. At CBA, we do this with respect for people and the environment, with safety and quality.

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What makes CBA aluminium different?

Earth’s most abundant metal is used in almost every sector of the economy. We offer solutions for society’s challenges, with innovation, sustainable development and lasting partnerships.

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Sustainability and Social Investment

We engage in dialogue and we respect the environment, and in this way we construct valuable partnerships with the communities where we operate.

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