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Processed Products

From the windows in your house to the roof of the bus. From long-life packaging to solar panels. Aluminium is everywhere, transforming our cities and our society.

Our aim is to seek out new paths, provoke new ideas, discover new methods.
We want people to live in a more innovative world, where things are modern, lightweight, beautiful and sustainable. After all, we are in the windows of your house, your car, your workplace. We are everywhere.


CBA Aluminium Foil is in packaging, lids and membranes, combining practicality, strength and protection for foodstuffs and pharmaceutical products. It is widely used in heat exchangers, vehicles, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Thin Foil

Specially to make flexible packs used for foodstuffs, CBA offers foil as thin as 6 µm. The use of modern equipment and processes ensures that our products are of the highest quality, and can be used in packaging that takes advantage of the primary characteristics of aluminium, which is waterproof, opaque, rust-resistant and free from tastes and smells.

Coated Foil

To produce the latest types of aluminium foil, CBA uses Polytype equipment, which can lubricate and coat foil with a thickness of between 0.02 and 0.2 mm. We can thus offer the food and pharmaceutical industries aluminium foil with different coatings, such as resin, varnish, primers and films, and lubricated foil for use in disposable products in general.

Thick Foil and Strips

Specifically the heat exchanger market (motor vehicles and durable goods), CBA offers foil with a thickness of 0.05 to 0.25 mm, in a whole range of alloys and widths, according to the specific needs of our customers.

Sheets and Coils

Aluminium sheets and coils are used in a wide variety of applications, combining light, weight, strength and versatility in products for cars, buses, highway implements, domestic utensils, refrigeration, coatings etc. CBA has a diversified asset park that allows us to meet all the needs of these markets with quality, performance and economy.

Plate Sheet

7 to 240 mm thick.
Alloys of the 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series.
Widths: 810, 960, 1060 and 1310 mm.

Principal applications: machinery and equipment, molds, stamps and domestic utensils.

Coils and Sheets

0.3 to 4 mm thick.
Alloys of the 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series.

Conventional finish obtained by cold rolling. Totally flat and produced by pre-tensioning. A plastic film can be applied to one or both faces. Supplied in coils or in formatted sheets.

Main applications: Transportation, consumer goods, building & construction, machinery & equipment.

Embossed Sheets for floor applications

Base varying from 1 to 3 mm thick.
Finish embossed on one face, with projections of 0.5 to 1.3mm.
Obtained by a process of washing. Supplied in coils or in formatted sheets.

Main applications: anti-slip bus flooring, staircases, access ramps and decoration.

Stucco Sheets

0.5 to 3 mm thick. Supplied in coils or in formatted sheets.
Product surface modified at the final stage of the process.
Main applications: refrigeration, internal lining for coachwork, civil construction and heating sectors.


Produced through Direct Chill (DC) and Continuous Casting process (Caster): degassing, filtering and grain refining treatment, resulting in a metallurgic and mechanical high quality.


0.4 to 1 mm thick.

Product profiled after rolling. Trapezoid, corrugated or ribbed, provided in different lengths.

Extruded Profiles

The excellent properties of CBA extruded profiles, which include high structural strength and resistance to corrosion, light, weight and versatility, mean that they can be used for a wide variety of applications, offering better performance and more durability, safety, quality and savings.

Produced in a large, modern industrial park, CBA’s extruded aluminium profiles meet countless needs. The profiles are used mainly in the Transportation industry and for building & construction, furniture, consumer goods, machinery and equipment. In these markets, aluminium profiles contribute to better technical performance and durability of products, which benefit from quality, economy, safety and aesthetics.

CBA extruded profiles are made strictly in accordance with technical and quality standards. The availability of a wide range of alloys and hardness means that the material can meet the needs of each specific application, and profiles are specifically designed with input from our customers.

Surface Treatment

CBA possesses one of the most modern industrial complexes for treatment of extruded aluminium surfaces in Latin America, consisting of painting and anodizing lines. With state-of-the-art equipment, CBA products are highly resistant, of high aesthetic quality, with a diversity of colors and textures, and they meet technical and environmental standards. The facility is the first and only one to be granted two certifications that are recognized worldwide: Qualicoat, for painting process quality, and Qualanod, for quality of anodizing.

Qualanod Qualicoat